MHRI-4 Psychiatry and Religion


Controversies and Consensus:
A Matter of Attitude

Auteur: VERHAGEN, dr. P.J. (Peter).

International Series in Mental Health and Religion,
Volume 4.


This series presents multidisciplinary approaches to the scientific study of mental health and religion, moving from psychology of religion, clinical psychology and psychiatry to mental health, from empirical research in the broadest sense and the development of methodologies to philosophical reflection on the interface of religion and mental health. This complexity is approached by the author in a multilevel model of sciences with ist interlevel dynamics. It starts with common, daily experience and it ends up with meta-theoretical reflection, including all there is in between. The fourth volume in the series fits in perfectly with this aim. The author’s major concern is the attitude of mental health professionals, in particular psychiatrists to religion. Would it be possible to reach for consensus beyond old fashioned boundaries? Although not in an easy way it turned out to be possible to answer the question affirmative. How this was accomplished and how the author reflects on the route traveled is explained in a compilation of previously published articles, preceded by a General Introduction and concluded with a General Discussion._~_Peter J. Verhagen_~_

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